Letters: Bisphenol A 'risk' must be viewed with caution

In response to your recent article reporting a possible link between articles produced using bisphenol A (BPA) and adverse effects on human health (GP, 19 September), the British Plastics Federation urges great caution when assessing the results of the study on which your report is based.

The authors themselves state that their study does not conclusively demonstrate that humans are experiencing adverse health effects as a result of the general population's exposure to BPA.

Furthermore, they conclude that their approach may have resulted in false-positive associations and any link is merely statistical.

Consumer products produced using BPA not only contribute to the convenience of every day life but have been safely used for over 50 years.

Rigorous testing by the European Food Safety Authority and other regulatory bodies worldwide confirm its safety and support its continued use.

Sarah Plant, British Plastics Federation, London.

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