Letter: Tobacco industry wins in quality points fiasco

Dear Editor

The government's quality framework point allocation for the rather Stalinist mass interrogation of all patients over 16 regarding their smoking habits comes as a relief to me, because I have a vested interest in keeping COPD numbers up as a GPSI in respiratory disease.

I have been rather alarmed by the gradual decline in smoking as a fashionable pastime and the concurrent decline in incidence of COPD in my neck of the woods.

I suspect that the mass interrogation exercise will provide invaluable demographic data for the tobacco industry (some of my colleagues suspect the tobacco industry is sponsoring these quality points) and hence, the ability to target future marketing very specifically to those areas of our land where smoking seems to have been in the most decline.

This is excellent news for me and my fellow GPSIs and respiratory specialists (to say nothing of the inhaler manufacturers).

Name and address withheld.

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