Letter: MPIG must be replaced by similar funding

Dear Editor

If MPIG is removed without replacing it with some similar funds, I think Dr Barbara Hakin of NHS Employers will find that many GPs will go out of business.

I am a full-time partner in a practice with three and a half whole-time equivalents caring for 8,300 patients. According to our 2005 accounts, MPIG made up over 35 per cent of the practice's NHS income. If it is removed without resolving the reasons why it was needed in the first place, the shortfall can only come from GPs' pay.

MPIG was introduced as an afterthought because the Carr-Hill formula used to calculate the global sum was so poorly applied to general practice.

At the time of MPIG's introduction I was amazed that no one on the DoH had checked the Carr-Hill formula in a range of different practices.

The formula, and therefore the global sum, was based on the demographics of a practice which obviously will not have changed much since the new contract was introduced.

Even if we achieve 1,050 points, the income generated does not come near the loss of MPIG.

Dr Julian Moore, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

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