Keep on top of your CPD with MIMS Learning's free CPD Organiser

MIMS Learning's cutting-edge CPD Organiser replaces GPonline's CPD Organiser and helps you keep up to date with your CPD and medical education requirements. The organiser now features a direct link to the Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs allowing you to export evidence of your learning to your appraiser with one click.

The MIMS Learning CPD Organiser lets you record and reflect on all your educational activities for appraisal and revalidation, tot up your CPD credits over specific time periods, collect CPD certificates, create plans to meet your own personal development needs and upload evidence of all your learning to your appraiser.

What is MIMS Learning?

MIMS Learning (formerly known as myCME) is an educational website with hundreds of clinical learning activities designed for GPs, nurses and other primary healthcare professionals. Activities are available in a variety of formats, including written text, video or audio format.

Every activity has a post-test so you can check what you have learned before claiming your CPD certificate. You can undertake a suggested 'learning plan’ on a particular topic – similar to a short educational course of 8-10 hours - and create your own learning plans according to the educational needs you’ve identified with your appraiser.

What is the MIMS Learning CPD Organiser?

The CPD Organiser is an online resource allowing you to make notes about your learning, keep track of learning credits earned over specific time periods, store your MIMS Learning certificates and other useful documents, and export your evidence and reflections on your learning to your appraiser.

How do I access the CPD Organiser?

To use the organiser, you need to be logged in to MIMS Learning. If you have not already done so, please create an account on MIMS Learning. This will give you access to all the learning materials on MIMS Learning and to your own personal CPD organiser.

I've previously used the GPonline CPD Organiser - will I find all my details on MIMS Learning?

Yes, providing you log in using the same login details as for the GPonline CPD organiser. If you have forgotten your password, please request a new one. You will find everything that you previously stored in the GP organiser in the MIMS Learning organiser, and you will be able to use the new features of MIMS Learning.

Does the MIMS Learning CPD Organiser do everything that the GP organiser has done?

Yes, the same functions are available, and more. You can take notes about any educational activity you have done, link documents and websites to these notes, create learning plans and collect your CPD certificates. The organiser also enables you to export evidence of your learning to your appraiser.

How do I start using the CPD Organiser?

Once you have logged in to MIMS Learning, click on `CPD Organiser' on the navigation bar. You will then see your personal dashboard allowing you to create and view your notes, see how many credits you have earned over a specified date range, add labels to your notes, and export your learning.

Can I add pages from GPonline to my organiser?

Yes. If the article you’re reading on GPonline has a CPD logo, simply click on this to go through to MIMS Learning, complete the activity and post-test, and obtain your CPD certificate.

For other articles from GPonline or other sources, you can create a note in your CPD organiser and put a link to the article within your note, by copying and pasting the article’s web address. You can also add attachments (in PDF format) to your notes.

How do I create a note?

Notes are automatically created whenever you undertake a MIMS Learning activity. However, you can also create notes about anything at all - from a patient you've seen, to a practice meeting or peer group session.

From your CPD Organiser choose `My Notes' and, click `Add a note'. Add a title such as `GPonline article on hip pain’, and choose a CPD type such as `Distance and online learning’ or `Critical reading’ Then enter your comments about your learning under `Reflective note'. 

At any time, click `Save and back to my notes' in order to save your note and return to your dashboard. You can also add attachments (in PDF format) to your notes.

How do I state a number of credits for my note?

You can enter the number of credits you have earned for each learning activity. MIMS Learning activities have a suggested number of CPD credits, but you may wish to record a higher value if you have demonstrated the impact of the learning on your practice. The organiser allows you to do this within individual notes.

How do I look for learning materials on MIMS Learning?

You can either use the search function by typing your topic of interest into the `Search MIMS Learning' box or browse topics on our topics page.

How do I obtain MIMS Learning CPD certificates?

Your MIMS Learning CPD certificate will be ready for you once you complete the post-test at the end of each learning activity. Undertaking an activity automatically creates a `note' in your CPD Organiser.

To find your certificate, click on `CPD Organiser' and check your `Notes' for the title of the educational activity you have just completed. Click on this title, and you will find your activity attached to the note under `Attachments', on the right-hand side. You can view and download your certificate by clicking on it.

How do I export evidence of my learning to my appraiser?

At the bottom of each reflective note in your MIMS Learning CPD organiser you will find an 'Add to Clarity' button. Simply click or touch this button on your computer or mobile device to export the learning note, the CPD credits earned, and your MIMS Learning CPD certificate into your current appraisal and your portfolio. To find out more see the MIMS Learning guide on exporting evidence of your learning to the Clarity & RCGP Appraisal Toolkit for GPs.

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