Junior doctors: Why GPs should support the junior doctors' strike

The junior doctors' strike is one we all have a stake in, argues Dr Chris Mimnagh.

I hope you have told your registrar(s) to be absent on Wednesday and Thursday.

Yes I know that some people will now don tweed with elbow patches and do the 'damn poor show', 'bad sort- what eh?' line, but just think about it.?

Ben Goldacre champion of good data and despiser of quackery of all kinds (political and medical) published a chart this week looking at health expenditure per capita from the world bank.?

It clearly shows the stagnation of funding in the NHS.

Now assume for a moment that we did have a world recession after the global banking crisis. Then even jolly old Bulgaria would have felt the wind blow cold on health.

I might suggest that the issue is one of political ideology rather than health service husbandry, but that kind of suggestion won’t help me become medical director of 'Your NHS England Inc'.?

So why send the registars home?

Our service in general practice treats training posts as supernumerary, they are after all, training. Expecting them to keep the wheels on the waggon while we attend meetings or whatever would be risible.?

The same is true of teaching, aviation (to which we are often compared) and even the Church of England (to which we are seldom compared).

Sadly over time we have come to expect that a sizeable chunk of our care is delivered on the goodwill of those being trained to deliver it.

So regardless of elbow patches,  recognise this strike as one in which we all have a stake.?

Support our juniors because when you retire, grow old and ill, they will be the ones supporting you.

  • Dr Chris Mimnagh is a GP in Liverpool co-director of clinical strategy at the NHS partnership organisation Liverpool Health Partners

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