It's time to call a halt to overt male chauvinism

I'm getting tired and frustrated by the number of articles warning us of the impending collapse of the NHS because there are more female GPs qualifying.

Why did your recent article have to justify the existence of an all-female practice? Imagine how unacceptable it would have been to write the same article about a practice staffed by black or Asian doctors.

Thankfully, racism is no longer tolerated in the medical press, but overt sexism and discrimination against female doctors continues unabated.

Why do some male GPs feel so threatened? Is it their own insecurities, misogyny or that they now see competent, professional, talented female doctors who have actually tried to attain a correct life/work balance?

Perhaps older male GPs look at their peers who have alcohol problems, stress-related illness and failed marriages and wish they had dropped the macho facade and realised that, while they felt they were God's gift, they were fooling themselves.

I would be honoured to work with or be treated by any of the doctors featured in your article. Not because of their gender, but because of their insight and obvious talent.

I think it is about time male GPs, including myself, started to address our own inflexible working practices and attitudes, rather than jealously denigrate our female colleagues.

Dr Alex Allinson, Ramsey, Isle of Man.

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