Contributed by Dr Phil Marazzi, a GP in East Horsley, Surrey

Fractured olecranon

This man fell off his mountain bike and was very lucky to sustain only a relatively minor injury. He had a fracture of the tip of the olecranon. In spite of this, he had minimal problems and was back on his bike soon after. Here he is shown in the rather upmarket sling he was given to wear compared with the traditional triangular bandage type.

Facial injuries

Falls may be caused by many different factors. This lady was simply rushing and sustained some dramatic bruising to the soft tissues of her face after a fall. She went to A&E for an X-ray and fortunately had not sustained any bone injury. The bruising resolved over a couple of weeks.

Dog bite

This 16-year-old was bitten on the back of the leg while out running. It was a superficial wound and no serious damage was done. He was already vaccinated against tetanus, and there was no sign of infection. Generally dog bites heal better and with less risk of infection than human bites, sometimes seen after fights.

Bruised leg

This man was rather anxious about the bruising on his leg following an accident while racing as a passenger in a motorcycle sidecar race. Although the appearance is quite dramatic, he had not sustained any bone injury. The bruising was painful but he recovered quickly and was racing within a few days.


This young man was injured by a team mate while on the ground in a rugby match. It looked at this stage as if he might develop keloid scars, but this did not happen. Rugby is a popular sport and does cause a significant number of injuries in teenage boys, occasionally including musculoskeletal injuries.

Finger slice

Here we see the effects of some over-enthusiastic slicing in the kitchen. In fact, this was not someone who had been watching too many celebrity chefs, but was actually a professional chef under pressure in the kitchen. The wound was dressed regularly by our practice nurses and healed well with no subsequent problems.

Flap laceration

This old lady with tissue paper skin on her shin sustained this nasty injury when she scraped her leg on the corner of an open dishwasher door. The injury did not cause much pain and, in fact, she initially was not even aware she had injured herself. The resulting wound took several months and a large number of visits to the practice nurses to heal.

Toenail injury

This great toenail belongs to a sporty 14-year-old who damaged it repeatedly in football boots that were slightly too small. He then repeated this trick in ski boots, resulting in the nail breaking and partially separating. He was referred to a chiropodist who agreed that he had to have the nail removed in order to allow some normal regrowth.

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