Makeshift approach to oral care puts health in danger

Although we’re a nation obsessed with dazzling Hollywood smiles, research by Colgate today reveals that we’re not doing as much as we could to look after our teeth and prevent gum disease.  A staggering 93% of people in the UK* will suffer from gum disease at some point in their lives.

According to a recent online poll carried out by Colgate:

   * Almost 65% of us would score ourselves a generous seven or above when it comes to our oral care regime standards (on a scale of one to ten)
    * Four out of five (83%) Brits admit that their gums have bled while brushing or flossing
    * One in three (32%) has never flossed in their life!
    * An alarming 30% of us forget to brush our teeth before bed at least once a week
    * Nearly one in five (18%) Brits have gone 48 hours without brushing their teeth and one in forty (2%) have gone more than a fortnight without even reaching for a toothbrush

Gum disease can affect us all, so to help prevent it and spread the word that healthy teeth require health gums, Colgate has launched Oral Health Month in partnership with the British Dental Association.  A nationwide tour with toothbrushing units will be travelling across the UK throughout September focusing on the importance of good oral health.

Act now and forever hold your teeth!

here is hope - almost half (42%) of the UK believe having healthy gums is more important than having perfect white teeth, fresh breath or no fillings.

However more than a quarter (27%) of 19 -21 year olds brush and floss to get bright white teeth above anything else.

Although 42% of Brits don’t know it, by following a good oral care regime –toothbrushing, rinsing and flossing - they can improve the health of their gums in just seven days. However only 60% of people in the UK use a mouthwash and only 18% floss on a daily basis. Apparently 40% of us are embarrassed to floss in front of a partner!

Commenting on the findings, Periodontist and Colgate Scientific Affairs Manager Anousheh Alavi, said: “The results of this survey show that as a nation we know what to do to prevent gum disease but we’re just not motivated enough to do it! Gum disease will affect 93% of us at some point in our lives and is completely reversible which is why gum health is the focus of this year’s Oral Health Month.  Our aim is to raise awareness of gum disease and the importance of good oral health, in order to keep our teeth and gums healthy.

Further information on Oral Health Month can be found at:

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*Consumer Association data 

All statistics used should reference Colgate Oral Health Month as the source of the findings. All statistics referred to in this press release have been calculated as the result of an online poll conducted by Colgate for Oral Health Month. One thousand five hundred people were surveyed in the UK. Further statistics and regional breakdowns are available on request.

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Notes to editors

About Oral Health Month:

Oral Health Month has been running for six years and is designed to raise awareness of good oral health habits. The theme for Oral Health Month 2007 is healthy gums, gum disease and how people can work to prevent it. The general message is ‘Healthy Teeth require Healthy Gums’.

To help prevent gum disease and to keep your gums healthy, follow these simple steps:

·         Brush you teeth twice a day with an appropriate toothpaste to help remove plaque

·         Pay particular attention to where the tooth meets the gum

·         Clean between the teeth using floss or interdental brushes

About Colgate:

Since its launch over two centuries ago, Colgate-Palmolive has evolved from a small soap and candle business that William Colgate began in New York City into a truly global company serving hundreds of millions of consumers in over 200 countries.

Colgate is a leading manufacturer of oral care products, providing a wide range of products including some therapeutic brands to improve oral health and help prevent gum disease. Colgate works alongside healthcare professionals to deliver innovative and trusted products that meet the needs of modern consumers.

Please visit for more information.

About British Dental Association:

The British Dental Association is the professional association and trade union for dentists in the UK. It has over 19,000 qualified members, the majority of the profession, and almost 3,500 student members. The BDA develops policies to represent dentists working in every sphere, from general practice, through community and hospital settings, to universities and the armed forces.

The BDA is working with Colgate on this vital initiative in the fight to change people's habits to ensure better dental health for all.

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