GP Green gadget...switch off automatically

When the stand-by button was first introduced, consumers revelled in the power of controlling the TV from the comfort of the sofa.

And, having loaded up our homes with electrical equipment that is designed to stay on, we must now switch it all off, so we are left scrabbling around the back of electrical boxes to find that elusive, only-for-holiday-use off switch.

A simple solution is to invest in an IntelliPlug, which can work out when you switch off your main item, such as a TV or PC, and then switch off all the peripherals that are connected via the same plug. You just plug your computer into the master socket, leaving two spaces to plug in peripherals on the same plug. If you have more than two, use an extension socket. The IntelliPlug will still switch off power to them all.

It sits on stand-by, but this is the only item, and runs on an exceptionally low 0.4watts. A 5-second delay on peripheral switching is built in to ensure that peripherals ‘park’ properly. The manufacturers claim that saved electricity can cover the cost of the product in under one year. It is designed for desktop computers, but will work for hi-fi and TV equipment where the master product is not low powered. Later this month, the manufacturer will launch a laptop version, shortly followed by one specifically for audio equipment. All will be available as panel sockets too.

We have to agree with the reviewer, who says that every home should have one.  

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