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With the years piling on as well as the weight I decided to return to my preferred form of exercise to keep in trim — swimming. However, after half an hour swimming up and down a pool, bored out of my mind I found myself reaching for the chocolate to boost my endorphins.

Price Aquapac case: £30 from

Waterproof headphones: £30 from

What could I do to liven up the proceedings? I came up with the idea that being able to listen to music, audio books or podcasts of favourite radio programmes might be the solution. I needed to find a way to use my MP3 player in the water. I turned to the internet, and found the perfect solution — the Aquapac MP3 player waterproof case. The cost is £30.

The Aquapac is a black sealed pouch with a clear window in the front through which the player can be operated. Inside the pouch is a connecter, which attaches to the headphone socket on your MP3 player. You then have to turn a couple of fasteners, which seals the bag, attach some headphones and off you go. The pouch fits many MP3 players — but you are best to check the guide on the website first. My player was not listed but they sent it sale or return. I did not need to return it.

Initially, I used a cheap pair of headphones, but I had to be careful not to let them go under water. Eventually I bought a waterproof pair on eBay. These came with a clip-on headband and cost about £25; the sound quality is excellent.The Aquapac website now sells some too.

The Aquapac comes with an armband, and a carabiner, or you can buy a bum-bag-type fastener, which is made of wetsuit material for an extra £10. There are no problems with using it at your local pool — nobody else can hear it. I now swim 30 minutes, three times a week. Exercise and entertainment together. What more do you need?

Dr Steve Livingston is a GP in Hertfordshire

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