GP demand for JBS2 in quality framework

Two thirds of GPs want the quality framework to be updated in line with the Joint British Societies (JBS2) guidelines, survey findings suggest.

Of 1,000 GPs who completed the survey on between last December and January, 66 per cent backed the more aggressive JBS2 targets.

Many are already doing so, according to the survey which showed that 93 per cent implement JBS2 BP targets, 89 per cent the lipid lowering targets and 74 per cent, blood glucose advice.

Under the JBS2, patients with a 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease of 20 per cent or more should have total cholesterol below 4mmol/l and LDL cholesterol below 2mmol/l.

But it is likely that GPs will have to continue to implement these guidelines without reward from the quality framework.

At the end of last year, DoH heart disease czar Professor Roger Boyle insisted that for the quality framework 2007/8, cholesterol targets will remain at 5mmol/l for total cholesterol and 3mmol/l for LDL cholesterol in line with the NSF for CHD.

Professor Mike Kirby, member of the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society, said GPs should apply JBS2 targets in patients at high risk of cardiovascular events. However, for the majority of patients, the quality framework targets will suffice.

‘In the remainder, reducing cholesterol below 5 mmol/l using evidence-based statin therapy will get patients to 4 mmol/l,’ he said.

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