GP appraisers could have payments slashed, GPC fears

GP appraisers in England could have the fees they receive for carrying out appraisals slashed, the GPC fears.

Fee paid to appraisers ranges from  £400 to £700. per appraisal.
Fee paid to appraisers ranges from £400 to £700. per appraisal.

The GPC has called on NHS England’s 27 area teams to hold a moratorium on any changes to how much GP appraisers receive for carrying out appraisals, until it negotiates a national fee with officials.

Currently the fee paid to appraisers across England ranges from approximately £400 to £700 per appraisal, the GPC said.

GPC chairman Dr Laurence Buckman said: ‘We would prefer they were standardised upwards, rather than downwards.

‘We know that the message has gone out from NHS England telling all area teams that appraisers should be paid what they have been up until now.

‘We think it is important that GP appraisers, of whom there are hundreds, should know this. They should receive the same payment they got last year.’

This comes after GP revealed that hundreds of locums in England were not being paid for taking part in appraisals. These payments, which used to be the responsibility of PCTs, also vary across the country but are usually £300. There are reports that some area teams have stopped paying locums for appraisals after they took over the process on 1 April.

GPC negotiator Dr Richard Vautrey said: ‘We are calling on the status quo to continue until we have agreed nationally what the arrangements for appraisals should be. NHS England has indicated that we will be part of that process.

‘We want to ensure that there is some stability in the current system and the status quo is continued until we have got some national agreement not only for the fees, but actually what appraisal will look like.’

A spokesman from NHS England said: ‘NHS England will be continuing to pay as per PCT rates in the immediate future, we have been over recent weeks gathering evidence from area teams regarding the diversity if the appraiser payments, at the moment there is a range, but NHS England will be seeking to consolidate payments around a recommended fee.

'NHS England will consult with the BMA on the recommended set rate, and although we recognise that there are a number of contractual relationships which have developed with GP appraisers we will be seeking to agree with appraisers a transfer to a new NHS England core appraisal contract.’

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