Government is showing the signs of psychosis

Dear Editor

I would happily echo the sentiments expressed by Dr Paul Harris, regarding august health service bodies suffering from paranoid psychosis with a fixed delusional system (GP, 8 December 2006).

However, we in the medical profession do not have the powers to deal with this problem. If we had, we ought to have done so a long time ago.

There was once a government of another colour, whose leader suffered from fixed delusions. For example, there was the poll tax, which was ‘fair’ (in a parallel world) and ‘will be popular’ (one had to live that long). It was a government that, in its own words, was surrounded by enemies (trades unions, Socialists, the EU and all political opponents) and even suffered from ‘the enemy within’. How did the medical profession fail to notice this paranoid state?

It was also a government that, in 1990, decided that care could and should be measured. Sheer madness, but the medical profession acquiesced.

We have all seen where measuring care has taken us: it has become an obsessional state, an end in itself, distorting the delivery of care.

Perhaps we should start measuring politicians. For straitjackets.

Dr Bernard Newgrosh

Bolton, Lancashire

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