Government has made a fierce enemy

Dear Editor

There is no doubt at all that there is government-led media spin campaign going on.

Downing Street was even accused of smearing the police, after the dawn arrest of party fund raiser Lord Levy and the second police interview in secret of Tony Blair.

The government must think GPs are stupid, but it forgets that our specialty is analysing people. We can see through it.

The last person I would offend (apart from my dentist, my hairdresser and my bank manager) would be my GP. Yet the government has foolishly done this.

And when the government realised the spinning had been rumbled, we had a new GP-friendly Patricia Hewitt, and the next day Tony Blair appearing on The Today Programme from a GP surgery in his Sedgefield constituency. There’s more of that to come.

Of course, the government is aided and abetted by its ‘academic’ advisers, such as Professor Alan Maynard, with his bleating about GP profits.

If Professor Maynard thinks that £100,000 is a lot of money, I suggest he compare it with the price of houses and premises, and the fact that medical students come into the work force with huge debts, often in the region of £25,000.

The DoH’s drive for junk medicine will only finish when all proper GP businesses are closed.

This will be the signal for me to say ‘enough’ and get out of the rats’ cage, as my brother did three years ago, at the age of 55. He was driven out by bullying politicians, through their PCT henchmen. Now he’s never been happier.

Dr Paul Searle

Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire

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