Going green in your own time...low-carbon living

Those who have spent time watching what they eat will find the format familiar. This Collins Gem is all about carbon not calories, and how to calculate how much is being used — in a small book that is less than a quarter of A4.

Written as a user-friendly guide, Mark Lynas, a journalist and environmental activist, is encouraging us to help cut back humanity’s carbon emissions before the atmosphere’s ‘tipping point’, when it is all too late.

What is a carbon footprint, and how do you calculate it? This book tells you. Which gasses are greenhouse gasses? A table is featured within. Another table features a list of the fuel consumption used transporting fruit and vegetables from far-off places. Having put you off any further purchases of orange juice (a glass uses up the equivalent to two glasses of petrol) there is then some helpful advice on sourcing in-season produce locally. The book is a useful carry-around guide.

Should you travel by plane, train or car to Liverpool? There is a table to help you choose. Which companies are making an effort? AstraZeneca achieved 20 per cent emission reduction by 2005, Sky 10 per cent and B&Q 50 per cent.

At the end of the book, you can record your annual carbon footprint figure until 2015. Dare you try?

Carbon Counter
Author: Mark Lynas
Publisher details: Collins £4.99 ISBN 978000724812–4

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