At a Glance: Blue naevi versus Spitz naevi

Blue Naevi
Clinical features

  • Often found on the skin of older children and teenagers, but might develop at any age.
  • Unusual but non-cancerous mole.
  • Dark blue colour.
  • Dermoscopy reveals a characteristic uniform steel-blue pattern.
  • Occur anywhere on the body.


  • No treatment is necessary, unless it is a new lesion.
  • Some patients request excision for cosmetic reasons.

Spitz Naevi
Clinical features

  • Affects the face or limbs of young children.
  • Most frequently found in fair-skinned.
  • Grow rapidly and then remain static for years.
  • Often disappear spontaneously after a while.
  • Also called juvenile melanomas.
  • Benign.
  • Dome-shaped, red, reddish-brown or darker papules or nodules up to one or two centimetres in diameter.


  • Excision
Blue naevi are often found in children but can develop at any age
 Spitz naevi or juvenile often disappear spontaneously

Dr Vasa Gnanapragasam, a GP in Sutton, Surrey

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