Flawed survey should not determine GP pay

A flawed straw poll of public opinion should not be used to cut wages or force GPs into working longer hours.

That was the unanimous opinion of LMC representatives in London this morning. Speakers launched a scathing attack on the 'ambush' and 'manipulation' of the Patience Experience Survey which cost £11 million of NHS cash.

Northamptonshire LMC chairman Peter Wikzynski: 'It is wrong to determine part of our pay on a fundamentally flawed PES and it is flawed because of the flawed distribution of forms. We cannot allow them to damn the reward part of the access DES. Less than half of patients responded and those who do respond are not truly representative of the population.

'It was hi-jacked by the government to manipulate the results and we must not let them drive a coach and horses through this and make us work extra hours.

'Tax payers have spent £11 million. This is just another example of how millions upon millions of pounds have been wasted by this government and they must be brought to account.'

GPC deputy chairman Lawrence Buckman said: 'It was ambushed by the government and ministers devised additional questions. The money could have paid for the nurses to have a pay rise. Instead it has been given to a private company to conduct a survey which tells us nothing. I am baffled and so are they.'


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