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Amid the humorous tones, this financial website offers some serious advice to help you take control of your finances, suggests Dr Nigel Kendall

The Motley Fool is, despite the name, a site about that most serious of subjects - personal finance. The stated aim of The Motley Fool is to 'tell people the truth about finance, helping them to take control of their money and make better financial decisions'.

The site is free to use and by registering, also for free, you can use the discussion boards and obtain quotes for stocks and shares.

There is a vast amount of information on the site and, at first glance, its main preoccupation appears to be the buying and selling of shares.

However, persevere through the different sections and you find many helpful and informative articles that cover all aspects of personal finance, from mortgages and debt reduction to pyramid selling. For example: Easy Ways to Pay Less Tax, What Can You Do With PEPs?, Introducing the Index Tracker.

The general tone is upbeat and light hearted in an attempt to make the subject comprehensible. Some might find this distinctive style a little wearing at times, but it does make a refreshing change from the more conventional sobriety and dryness of many financial websites.

Although the site is free to access, there is a noticeable intrusion of advertising for financial products. The positive side of this is that, with the sponsorship made clear, the articles and information given can be, and appear to be, totally independent.

The discussion boards are a great resource. You can ask for help with anything from setting up a trust for children to setting up your computer.

Like any web forum, opinions can sometimes be blunt and the point of the original thread can be lost, but there are many knowledgeable contributors and their advice is often very valuable.

This is a useful website and behind the somewhat jokey exterior there is a wealth of information for experienced and novice financial investors.

For any GP concerned about money, which is probably most of us, this site comes highly recommended.

- Dr Kendall is a GP in Wrexham, North Wales.

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