Where is the evidence base for polyclinics?

In the era of evidence-based medicine, where is the evidence for polyclinics? Have they at least run any pilots in particular localities before rolling them out?

The prime minister and his ministers claim that they are listening to the people, but I don't know who they are listening to.

Our health ministers are elected and selected by us, to run the NHS. But what are they doing? They are busy privatising secondary care in various stages and primary care step by step!

Other countries are studying how our NHS is run and trying to copy some of the principles of primary care, but what are our health ministers doing? They are disintegrating our NHS, under various eye-catching words.

The government claims that it is consulting grass-roots people, grass-roots workers. But what are our health ministers doing? They are busy hustling the changes through, thrusting them upon NHS staff, with no consultation.

A philosopher once said that the consultation process is as important as an engine is to a railway.

The government talks about the best use of taxpayers' money in most of its speeches. But really it is doing the opposite, giving contracts to PFIs, LIFTs, independent-sector treatment centres ... Some of these private organisations are charging the NHS, more than three times what it paid originally.

I doubt if the NHS will survive half the number of years it has already existed.

Dr Siddappa Gada, Atherstone, Warwickshire

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