Case studies

Clinical case studies for general practitioners, provding a practical approach to managing the common, and not so common, conditions presenting in general practice.

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Case study: Relapsing polychondritis

Four presentations of skin conditions

Atypical presentation of diabetes: case study

Case study: Breathlessness on exertion

Menopause and migraine

Dr Louise Newson describes a case of migraine linked with menopause. The case highlights...

Case study: Asthma exacerbation with heroin use

The case of an asthma death associated with heroin use.

Pitted keratolysis resulting from hyperhidrosis case study

Clinical diagnosis and treatment options for pitted keratolysis.

Upper extremity DVT - case study

A case of upper limb thrombosis, outlining presenting symptoms, risk factors including...

Acute epigastric pain - case study

A presentation of acute epigastric pain in a 44-year old female patient, leading...

End-of-life care scenario: managing hepatic failure

As GPs become more involved with palliative care, they are dealing with more complex...

Case study: A new, solitary lesion on pigmented skin

A male patient of Asian origin presented with a new, solitary pigmented lesion on...

Sepsis case study

A case of a 39-year-old man who presented with swelling and pain in his scrotum and...

Weakness and hypotension: case study

A case of weakness and hypotension that led to a diagnosis of Addison's disease.

Case study: Genital swelling following caesarean delivery

A presentation of clitoral swelling and vaginal discharge at three weeks post-caesarean...

Case study: Tiredness, thirst and feeling unwell

How a drug safety alert helped to identify the cause of tiredness, thirst and feeling...

Primary biliary cirrhosis: case study

A case of primary biliary cirrhosis discovered during routine liver function tests,...

Pancreatic glucagonoma - case study

A rare case of pancreatic glucagonoma initially presented with symptoms of an intractable...

Facial Raynaud's disease: case study

An unusual presentation of Raynaud's disease.

Case study: Type 1 diabetes in a child

An apparently minor illness had a serious cause.