Editorial: Does the DoH want independent contractors?

There are many startling findings in this week's exclusive page 1 GP pay survey. Prominent is that while 57 per cent of practices predict profit falls in 2009/10, despite the 2.29 per cent pay rise, a great many of their staff can still expect pay rises.

Just 9 per cent of GPs plan to give staff other than salaried GPs no rise. Partners can congratulate themselves for valuing their staff in a recession. However, the news is less good for salaried GPs as 29 per cent can expect no pay rise.

As GP has previously reported, the rising number of salaried GPs is due in part to the lack of partnerships available to them.

GP's panel of young GPs, the GP35, has been vocal about the need for increasing numbers of partners and the value they would bring to the NHS.

Part of the solution undoubtedly lies with practices and their ability to offer partnerships instead of salaried posts.

A casual flick through the recruitment section of GP in recent weeks shows that this does not appear to be happening. In the light of the number of practices facing income declines, this should not be surprising.

Surely it is up to the government to lead if it values the concept of GPs as independent contractors. Speculation surrounds the resurrection of the Medical Practices Committee and possibly even the use of seniority pay to encourage partnerships.

If the government truly values independent contractor status, it should not sit idly by as practices find they are not in an economic position to offer partnerships. It must take a leading role in encouraging partnership opportunities. Or explain why it is turning its back on independent contractor status.

Salaried employees have always had less freedom to speak out against policies they oppose.

Last month a different GP poll found just a fifth of GPs believe the independent contractor model will survive the next decade. Perhaps the end of independent contractor status would be more convenient for Ben Bradshaw and co.

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