Dr Tom Jones: Seven days too long - Jeremy Hunt remix

I've heard it rumoured that some blogs drop to the writer fully formed, like stone tablets from heaven, with little or no effort required on behalf of the scribe.

I’d never experienced this phenomenon, until this week…

I received a very curious email, out of the blue, from my accountant. Yes, from my accountant, who has hitherto never really shown himself to be anything other than, well, a very good accountant.

The email reads as follows:

'Dear Dr Jones - I’ve been listening to this Northern Soul song (Seven Days Too Long) and I thought it might lend itself to a parody version about Jeremy Hunt, so I’ve taken the liberty of writing one…'

To make this experience more interactive, you may want to hit play on the Youtube clip below of 'Seven Days Too Long' by Chuck Wood, and turn it up very loud wherever you are right now.

To make it even more interactive, you might want to spread some talcum powder on the floor and bust out some 1970s Northern Soul Wigan Casino moves, but please alert your colleagues before doing this, and don’t come crying to me if you dislocate anything.

I present his version in its entirety, with apologies to Chuck Wood himself :

The first time I called you, Jeremy, they said you wasn't home,

And the second time I telephoned, ah, they all told me to leave you alone,

We had a funding quarrel, yes we did, like all GPs do,

I wanted to make-up, it's only left to you now,

Chorus: Cos seven days is too long without funding, Jezza,

Come on fund us right,

Seven days is too long without funding, Jezza,

Come on fund us right.

I refuse to break-up, ah, but I'm too weak to fight,

Our NHS love is too strong, yes it is, to go on and let it die,

Let's sort out these problems, cos, ah, I can see the danger signs,

And it's written on your face, just as it worries my face.

(Rpt Chorus)

You've got me so wired up, ah, I can't even concentrate,

I say good things will come, I say good things will come to those who wait (wait),

I'm not gonna wait around forever, listen to me, listen:

(Rpt Chorus)

Seven days is far too long,

It's much too, much too, much too long,

Seven days without funding.

Naturally, I thanked him profusely for his email, and set about writing this blog.

I even suggested that I might go halves with him on any proceeds from those kind people at GPonline.

‘That won’t be necessary,’ he said, ‘I’ve already re-balanced the practice accounts accordingly, in anticipation.'

Told you he’s a very good accountant.

  • Dr Tom Jones (pictured) is vice chair of the GP Survival group and a partner near Manchester

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