Dr Chris Mimnagh: Post Brexit, the NHS is ours to save or scupper

The EU referendum result won't deliver the avalanche of funding promised to the NHS, warns Dr Chris Mimnagh. But it does mean that the UK is now on its own to save or scupper its health service.

You are obviously sick of the Brexit. Either way you voted, either way somebody is unhappy, so what next?

To be fair it's not an NHS issue.

Feel free to disagree, tell me how it's really important, that the E111 card will disappear, that holidays will cost more that buying the new hospital IT system will cost more etc.

You know what? I don't care. We face a simple equation: NHS = healthcare - sick people.

Right now we're trying to manage the healthcare bit, commission stuff, deliver stuff, avoid admission stuff. That's not going to change post Brexit.

Right now we're trying to work out how to manage the sick people bit, handle the care issues, promote health, influence diet and exercise. That's not going to change post Brexit.

So what is the importance of Brexit? Simply put, loads of people voted out because they thought that the EU millions would come to the NHS. They won't, we know that.

But that vote places an onus on us to step up and make the equation NHS =healthcare - sick people one that has a positive value.

The Brexit is likely to have a significant impact on how we gain funding for experimentation, how research is delivered. From now on it's down to us to innovate, assess and deliver the change that we know we need.

That's the importance of Brexit, we're on our own now, and the NHS is ours to save or scupper.

  • Dr Chris Mimnagh is a GP in Liverpool co-director of clinical strategy at the NHS partnership organisation Liverpool Health Partners

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