Dr Chris Mimnagh: NHS could go under within the next parliament

As I get older I can't really decide whether politics is becoming more or less relevant in my life.

Sure, I mean it does have relevance in terms of the finances and taxes which I pay, but on a day-to-day basis my actions as a clinician are generally my own to decide.

In some ways this echoes the seminal book by Victor Frankel "man's search for meaning".

No, I am not comparing life as a general practitioner with a holocaust survivor, but when the book was written it was intended to teach us all a lesson.

The fundamental truth contained in the book and carried on throughout the school of logotherapy founded by Frankel, is that whatever else is taken away from us we always retain one last freedom, the freedom to choose how to live.

Regardless of political party our job as general practitioners is to care for the population that we serve.

This care will happen regardless of the limitation of resources, Regardless of the sickness of the population, regardless, for many, of the personal cost.

Sadly as a profession that has been both our strength and our weakness.

Because we will care regardless of resource and cost our patients trust us implicitly.

Because we will care regardless of resource and cost to ourselves, our political Masters will exploit us persistently.

Regardless of what happens in the next few weeks regarding political success or failure at the polling booth as general practitioners we will continue to care.

I am seriously concerned that if our current pressures are not resourced, in the term of the next Parliament we will no longer have a national health service. 

Before that tragic event happens we will have a choice, to be complicit in the destruction, or to revolt and take our chances that the trust and faith placed in us by our patients will be sufficient to change the unwritten history.

It's not politics, it's survival.

  • Dr Chris Mimnagh is a GP in Liverpool.

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