DoH website shutdown one of over 500 planned government closures

The Government has announced the closure of 551 websites as part of its plan to create two new ‘supersites'.

DoH website closure
DoH website closure

Further closures are planned, but these additional sites are being assessed for their validity. Of the 951 current sites, only 26 have been identified that they will definitely stay.

Ninety sites have already been closed.

Cabinet minister Pat McFadden has said that this is a reaction to the public’s natural need for so-called ‘supersites’.

The majority of the information on the sites will be transferred to Directgov and Business Link. Any other information will be spread across the remaining sites.

The Government expects to save approximately £9 million over three years as a result of trimming down on the ‘vanity sites’ which offer no real value.

Some of the medical website closures

Department of Health

Asthma Management

Carers Gov

Chief Medical Officer's website survey

Children's National Service Framework

Choose and Book

Clean Hospitals

CMO Update Registration

Critical care

DoH Info

DoH Publications

Drug Education and Prevention Information Service (DEPIS)

Emergency Care Discussion Forum

End of life care

Five a day

Health at Work

Healthy Start

Immunisation Group Web Programme (IGWP)

Media Centre

National Service Framework for Older People - Older People Champions


NHS - Booked Admissions

NHS - Health and Social Care Award

NHS - Improvement Guides

NHS - Protocol Based Care

NHS Equality

NHS Factsheets

NHS Organ Donor

NHS Plus

Nursing Leadership

Nursing UK

Out of Hours

Primary Care


Public Health Link

Royal Commision - Elderly

The Big Quit

Full list of closures can be found on the BBC website .

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