Click Away Pre-Menstrual Pain

Click Away Pre-Menstrual Pain

Around 90% of menstruating women get advance warning of an approaching period because of the physical or psychological changes in the days before their period begins. For most women the symptoms are mild but a small proportion find their symptoms so severe they dread this time of the month. For some women the physical pain can often be crippling. It can literally mean spending hours curled up waiting for the pain to ease and on some occasions the pain can be so severe that some women feel as though they may pass out.

The PainGone pen has proven itself as a natural, drug free alternative for treating pre-menstrual pain. Women have been relying upon the pen to successfully treat some of the physical pain suffered before and during menstruation for years. With many testimonials, case studies and people within the medical profession using the pen in the treatment against menstrual pain, it has a proven history of success.

The PainGone pen works by using non-invasive acupuncture, as there are various points on the body that relate to menstrual pain. The most commonly used are those on the stomach, two finger widths below the naval, on the wrist, two thumb widths from the largest crease on the inside of the wrist and finally on the middle finger, just below the nail.

PainGone uses a low frequency charge, produced by crystals to stimulate the nerve pathway. This nerve pathway sends ‘a call for help’ message to the brain. The brain responds through the spinal cord by sending endorphins (the body’s own natural painkillers) instantly to the point of pain.

With several successful clinical studies behind it, PainGone is used within Pain Clinics, Hospitals, and by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. As an alternative therapy, the PainGone has a number of national and international accreditations and is a CE registered medical device. PainGone can be used alongside conventional medication for additional pain relief. It can fit in a handbag or pocket and even works through clothing.  There is also no need for gels, pads, batteries or maintenance, as it is totally self-contained.

Commenting upon the PainGone pen, Raffaella Menapace Kalisiak, Managing Director at Tower Health said: “Pre-menstrual pain affects women from their early teens until their late forties. In some cases that we have dealt with it can be crippling and really affect their quality of life. We are pleased that women have reported that even in very severe cases the PainGone pen has a very positive effect on their physical wellbeing.”



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Clinical Research on PainGone is available upon request. Testimonials and real life case studies are available upon request

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