Bradshaw blames Daily Mail for 'vilifying' GPs

Health minister Ben Bradshaw has blamed the Daily Mail for GP unhappiness rather than accepting any responsibility himself.

Ben Bradshaw
Ben Bradshaw

A GP at an NHS Alliance practice-based commissioning event in London yesterday asked Mr Bradshaw how he planned to win back GPs’ goodwill after a year in which the profession had felt ‘vilified’.

Mr Bradshaw said: ‘I think that unhappiness among GPs is more about the way the media has portrayed the contract.

‘We never stuffed GPs mouths with gold, what’s been difficult for GPs who have long enjoyed being at the top of the list of the most respected professions is that they are now being described by the Daily Mail as fatcats. We do not control the Daily Mail editorials.’

He added that primary care in England is the envy of the world and the government is trying to do all it can to improve it.

Earlier this month Mr Bradshaw enraged GPs when he accused them of operating 'gentlemen's agreements' not to poach each other's patients.

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