NMC targets former nurses to tackle swine flu

The NMC is writing to over 90,000 nurses and midwives whose registration has lapsed within the previous four years as a precaution in the event of a swine flu pandemic.

The action is being taken to address any potential staffing shortages.

Nurses and midwives are eligible to apply for readmission to the NMC's professional register if they have worked as a nurse or a midwife during the previous five years, for a minimum of 750 hours. They must also have undertaken and recorded 35 hours of continuing professional development in the last three years.

The NMC is able to process correctly completed applications within two working days of receiving the forms and payment.

If a nurse or midwife is eligible for readmission to the register, the NMC strongly recommends that they contact their last employer or local health service provider before making a decision about applying for readmission.


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