Malignant tumour caused HPV jab girl's death

A 14-year-old girl who received the HPV vaccine died from a malignant tumour and not a reaction to the jab.

Cervarix cervical cancer vaccine (DR P. MARAZZI/SPL)
Cervarix cervical cancer vaccine (DR P. MARAZZI/SPL)

Natalie Morton died after receving the Cervarix jab at the Blue Coat Church of England School in Coventry on Monday.

An inquest into her death was opened and adjourned at Coventry magistrates court on Thursday.

Dr Caron Grainger, joint director of public health for NHS Coventry and Coventry City Council, said afterwards: 'The pathologist has confirmed today at the opening of the inquest into the death of Natalie Morton that she died from a large malignant tumour of unknown origin in the heart and lungs.

'There is no indication that the HPV vaccine, which she had received shortly before her death, was a contributing factor to the death, which could have arisen at any point.

'We hope that this news will reassure parents that the vaccine is safe and that they should continue to encourage their daughters to be protected against cervical cancer, The HPV vaccination programme will continue as planned in the city from Monday.'

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