GP time for commissioning will cost £300m, RCGP says

The cost of GPs taking time out from seeing patients to carry out consortia activity will amount to at least £300m, the RCGP chairwoman has estimated.

Giving evidence to the Public Accounts Committee Dr Clare Gerada said around 3%-5% of GPs will take on leadership roles within consortia.

She said a ‘significant’ amount of money will have to be spent to replace GPs who have had to stop seeing patients in order to fulfil consortia duties.

Dr Gerada said: ‘We have calculated on the back of an envelope… that the costs are £300m in terms of GP time. That’s just GPs’ time, we are not talking about the management costs. That's a conservative estimate.'

‘In terms of management, you are still going to need management and administrative time and expertise within consortia to do the things GPs can’t do.’

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