Employ NHS managers, not companies, GPC chairman urges GPs

GPs should look 'within the NHS' for the skills and support to make GP commissioning work, GPC chairman Dr Laurence Buckman (pictured) has said.

In a letter to the profession, Dr Buckman warns that although the reforms set out in the White Paper Liberating the NHS offer ‘a potentially huge opportunity for GPs’, they could be ‘a major threat both to the general practice and even to the NHS as a public service'.

Dr Buckman urges GPs to ‘look inside’ the NHS for support and advice, rather than using the private sector, as health secretary Andrew Lansley has suggested.  

‘We cannot rise to this challenge without the help and expertise that can currently be found in the NHS,’ writes Dr Buckman. ‘We are also going to need to work with the best managers if this is going to be successful.

‘We will need all the skills possible to make it work. We should look inside the NHS and to our professional body for support, rather than going elsewhere for advice.’

Dr Buckman says that some PCTs are ‘already trying to rush ahead’ with the implementation of the proposals and urges GPs not to make any decisions until the consultation period ends in October.

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