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Contract will not solve GP workload crisis

Contract will not solve GP workload crisis

Senior GPs have warned the 2015/16 GP contract will do little to address soaring GP workload, despite a QOF freeze and enhanced service funding moving into core pay.

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Fragmented primary care undermining GP efforts to cut antibiotic use

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GP prescribing of antibiotics fell 3.5% in 2013

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Dr Richard Roope interview: GPs could widen role in cancer care

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Editorial: Don't undervalue the GP partnership model

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Dr Zara Aziz: A serious case of delusional parasitosis

I am halfway through afternoon surgery, when David charges in through the door.


Red flag symptoms: Mood changes

Red flag symptoms: Mood changes

Differentiate normal behaviour and significant mood changes.

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Clinical Review: Breast cancer

Breast cancer remains the second most common cause of cancer death in women. It is...

Medico-legal: Unfit for court certificates

MPS medico-legal adviser Dr Dan Kremer discusses requests for an unfit for court...

Balancing life as a GP writer

Professor Rodger Charlton considers how to combine GP work with a writing career.

Treatment options in osteoarthritis

Dr Tom Margham discusses the goals of treatment for patients with osteoarthritis.

Childhood constipation

Dr Samar Razaq discusses the management of a child with worsening constipation.

Differential diagnoses: Facial lesions

Dr Nigel Stollery compares four facial lesions and offers clues for their diagnosis...

Journals watch: Alzheimer's disease, renal stones and hip fracture

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Win an iPad Air, our gadget of the year

Win an iPad Air, our gadget of the year

Enter our competition and you could win an iPad Air, this year's must-have gadget.

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Dr Steve Cox interview: The GP singer

Nottingham GP Dr Steve Cox sings in a barbershop quartet.

Dr Charlie Allen interview: The GP exercise enthusiast

East London GP enjoys his exercise classes so much, he wants to become an instructor.


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